Iron & Wine, Kiss Each Other Clean [live @ NPR]

Posted by Greg , Thursday, January 6, 2011 6:13 PM

Iron & Wine performed selections from their upcoming record, Kiss Each Other Clean, for NPR's First Listen series.  Host John Schaefer said the band played the album in its entirety front-to-back, but I don't think that's what actually happened.  The performance starts off with "Tree By the River," listed everywhere as track 3.  The band did not play leadoff single "Walking Far From Home" single, but did play b-side "Biting Your Tail."  So while it's probably not the entire album, it's still a nice sample of what to expect on January 25.


Set list:

1. "Tree by the River"
2. "Big Burned Head"
3. "Biting Your Tail"
4. "Half Moon"
5. "Monkeys Uptown"
6. "Mouth of the River"
7. "Summer in Savannah"
8. "Godless Brother in Love"
9. "Rabbit Will Run"
10. "Me and Lazarus"
11. "Boy With a Coin"
12. "Naked As We Came"

You can find an mp3 rip of the performance at The Steam Engine.

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