The Mountain Goats, "Tyler Lambert's Grave"

Posted by Greg , Tuesday, December 14, 2010 8:43 PM

The Mountain Goats have released a free song, "Tyler Lambert's Grave," about the death of Dana Plato's son.  (Plato played Kimberly Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes).  The song will not appear on the band's forthcoming album, All Eternals Deck (to be release via Merge Records on March 29, 2011).  According to lead singer/founding member John Darnielle, the track does not fit with the mood of the new album.  Quiet and reflective, it features only Darnielle on piano with some backing strings by Leanne Zacharias.  The final stanza is particularly affecting:

Young man in a yellow tie
Hair gel in his hair
No context for the picture
Just kind of standing there
Tyler step outside your shadow
Of your great catastrophe
Dream all night of freedom
Never wake up free


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