Maybe it's a sign

Posted by Greg , Monday, May 17, 2010 10:08 PM

Soon after creating this blog, I awoke to every computer-owner's nightmare:

Sigh.  When you spend a few years with the same computer, it becomes like a second home: An e-home.  So having a hard drive crash is the electronic equivalent of coming home from the movies and finding that your house has burned down.  (Ok, maybe it's nowhere near as severe as that.)  It actually made me think of Ryan Adams' "This House is Not for Sale," in which a couple who died (but don't quite realize it) are wondering why other people are in their home and moving the furniture out.  (All right, maybe it's not quite like that, either, but it's still a disruptive event.  I'm really not trying to oversell this thing...)

Now begins the slow process by which I decide whether to continue giving Dell my business.  Will tech support expeditiously and relatively painlessly help me get back onto my computer?  Or will they make me start looking up the cost of somewhat high-end (or, shall we say, high end for low budgets...) machine from HP or some online "boutique"/"hardcore" PC site?  We'll see.  For now, my computer is toast, and I'm stuck checking email on my fiancee's laptop and rediscovering the outside world.  (Yesterday I went running!  Today my body is paying for it, so that's not likely to happen again.)

Of course, I understand that no one cares about this.  "Just give me the tunes!"  In honor of my PC abruptly falling apart, I bring you a flashback to the halcyon days of the 1990s:

This video may make a return in a future post, where I argue that Dog's Eye View was criminally underrated, this song notwithstanding.  (Seriously, songs like "Vows" were brilliant.  I named a whole series of sad bastard mixes after it.  That stuff got me through high school.)

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